Thedford Area Community Foundation

Our Foundation is represented by the yucca plant. A plant with roots that run deep and which thrives in all conditions.

The Thedford Area Community Foundation is a community foundation organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska for the benefit of the citizens of Thomas County and southeast Cherry County of Nebraska.

Required Information

Grant Application Cover Page must be filled out and submitted with all the requested materials, information and copies as noted here. Incomplete applications will be returned without consideration. A master copy is required and should contain the following information:


  • Adopted budget for organization for the current calendar or fiscal year.
  • A statement of all sources of revenue for the organization, either current or proposed.
  • A copy of the Internal Revenue Service letter of declaration establishing tax exempt or non profit status.
  • A copy of the most recent years Form 990
  • A copy of the legal documents of the organization, specifically:
    • Articles of Inforporation (if applicable)
    • Bylaws
    • A copy of legal documents when two groups of different names affiliate (i.e. if the organization applying for grant of funds has a different name or is a different organization than that for which the grant application is submitted, a legal document must be provided confirming the association of the two groups).

Five additional copies are requested. These copies need to contain only the information outlined in the first three bullet points above. The master copy may contain additional exhibits if desired, such as photographs, pamphlets, annual reports, etc.

Policy and Procedure

  1. Requests for grant of funds will be considered for the current calendar year. TACF will not consider recurring grant requests. Grants will not be awarded for payment of staff salaries or other compensation.
  2. Applications may be filed at any time, but as a rule the Grant Committee will meet in January and in June to consider forms submitted by December 31 and May 31 of each calendar year.
  3. All grant requests are submitted by application and evaluated from the standpoint of meeting the policies and purposes of the Thedford Area Community Foundation. TACF Grant Committee and/or the Board of Directors may, for any reason, request additional information of the applicant for grant of funds.
  4. All grant recipients must credit TACF for support of their program/project in all publicity generated, at the program/project itself and on all printed materials.
  5. When an application has been acted upon, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible.
  6. If a grant is approveed, a plan for distribution of the proceeds will be developed and confirmed by letter. TACF can formulate any policy and/or condition it deems necessary on selective grant-by-grant basis to ensure that an approved project meets the TACF Statement of Purposes.
  7. Acceptance of the grant funds from Thedford Area Community Foundation constitutes agreement with any and all policies, procedures, and conditions.
  8. Funds must be used within 1 year and another application will not be considered with an outstanding grant.
  9. Funds must be used for specified project only.
  10. Funds will be given at time of completion.
  11. If your organization does not have 501(c)(3) status, you must have sponsorship by a 501 (c)(3) organization or a public entity, such as a school or county.